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The Childbirth Education Association of Greater Birmingham, Inc. (CEAGB) is an independent organization not affiliated with any hospital or clinic - a non-profit organization of parents, ICEA Certified Childbirth Educators, Doulas, Certified Lactation Consultants, La Leche League Leaders, Physical Therapists and Registered Nurses. We specialize in preparation for childbirth; a doula service for labor, birth and postpartum; and breastfeeding information and support. The goal of CEAGB is to provide an opportunity to obtain knowledge and discuss alternatives and techniques useful during a woman's childbearing years.

Since much of the stress and discomfort of childbirth is caused by fear and lack of knowledge, classes promote a healthy, realistic and positive attitude about labor and birth. All techniques and methods are completely compatible with sound and accepted obstetrical practice and do not preclude the use of analgesia, anesthesia, or any other medical intervention when necessary. The most important goal is not an unmedicated birth or a textbook "method" but a satisfying, dignified, cooperative childbirth experience which can be remembered as a warm and gratifying event.

CEAGB is proud to offer classes and services that focus on the individual couple facing birth and fully uphold ICEA's philosophy which states Freedom of choice based on the knowledge of alternatives. Classes are kept small (between 5-8 mother/partner couples) to allow the instructor time with each couple.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

  1. What does CEAGB offer?
  2. Does taking these classes mean that I am planning an unmedicated birth?
  3. What if I'm expecting a cesarean birth?
  4. Who should attend CEAGB classes?
  5. If I take classes elsewhere, or if this is my second baby, what is available for me and what advanced techniques are offered?
  6. Where and when are classes held?
  7. Course Registration.
  8. Tell me more about the Weekend Get-A-Way Series.
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What does CEAGB offer?

  • Explore your birth options in a supportive environment. See course list.
  • Enjoy small classes, personalized attention, and a lending library.
  • Create personalized birth plans.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Learn a wide variety of pain management techniques.
  • Attain a wide variety of labor support techniques.
  • Receive breastfeeding information and support.
  • Have access to informational reprints, handouts and videos.
  • Have access to a doula service.
  • Does taking these classes mean that I am planning an unmedicated birth?

    During the course, there is a thorough and complete discussion of both non-pharmacological pain management techniques and anesthesia options. Some parents strongly desire an unmedicated birth while others never consider it. We encourage families to set their own goals and obtain a knowledge of all alternatives in childbirth and dialogue with their attendant. This not only builds confidence for the birthing mom, but also greatly increases the possibility of a positive birth experience. This aspect of birth is most important.

    What if I'm expecting a cesarean birth?

    A cesarean birth can be just as positive an experience as a vaginal birth and cesarean preparation is included in the classes. It is just as important to know many of the techniques learned in class to help control pain following surgery.

    Who should attend CEAGB classes?

  • Pregnant moms and support people
  • Moms considering adoption
  • Nursing and medical students, etc.
  • If I take classes elsewhere, or if this is my second baby, what is available for me and what advanced techniques are offered?

    In addition to our regular 6 week course, you may pick any 4 of the 6 classes as a refresher course. I suggested Classes 1, 2, 3, and 6. Private classes are available in the privacy of your home and are centered around what the mom/partner want to learn.

    Where and when are classes held?

    Classes are held in various locations including churches, Roses & Lace Bed & Breakfast, and private homes. Group classes are usually held in the evenings from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. while private classes are at the convenience of the mom and her partner. Weekend Get-A-Ways limited to four couples start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and end at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday and must be planned 1-2 months in advance due to availability of rooms.

    Tell me more about the Weekend Get-A-Way Series.

    For expectant parents too busy for weekly classes who want the togetherness of a group for learning about childbirth, we have just the series for you. We meet at a splendidly restored 1890 Queen Ann style Victorian home belonging to Wayne and Faye Payne. Roses and Lace Country Inn is located two miles from I-59 and 17 miles from I-20 on US 231. It's 45 miles northeast of Birmingham off the Ashville exit.
    The curriculum covers everything from pain management techniques to newborn procedures. The maximum group size is four couples. The weekend includes video night after dinner Saturday, a country breakfast prepared by Faye (she's an excellent cook, by the way), and lunch together both Saturday and Sunday. Costs: $75 for the class, $65 regular room (share a bath), $85 for a suite (private bath), breakfast included but lunch and supper are extra. E-Mail for dates.

    E-Mail us for more information!

    Updated: April 17, 2000